The NEW pilot training route

Integra modular



Elevating fairness while Developing Competent Airline Pilots

Flyfair is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to empower individuals facing financial barriers and increase social mobility by making flying training more affordable, fair and effective for airline pilots of the future.

It’s more than just a training program; We empower our members to embrace Continuous Resilience Development through virtual mentoring, coaching and scenario-based training ensuring confident, competent and capable airline ready pilots, ushering in a new era in aviation.

SO, WHAT IS IntegraModular?

It is similar to the integrated pathway, has all the hallmarks of modular in its flexibility and its cost effectiveness, while bringing flight training and development into the 21st century using competency-based development from day one.

IntegraModular is a revolutionary industry first pathway to the flight deck integrating continuous development and training providing you with 1-2-1 virtual professional coaching and mentoring, group scenario based workshops that facilitate social learning throughout your journey. You will develop the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes and their application within airline oriented virtual scenarios that develops the full suite of 9 pilot competencies, while the training focuses on flying skills and procedures.

Introducing Continuous Resilience Development CRD

Delivered by Resilient pilot 

An industry first programme integrated alongside your training. You’ll select a professional coach and mentor pilot, take part in competency development scenarios and learn how to self-assess to optimise your performance, resilience and be airline ready.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity for only

from zero-APS mcc (Fatpl) *Limited slots available (Price based on minimum hours)

We include the APS into the price, a feature not commonly offered by many providers, we seamlessly integrate this crucial component recognising the importance of a continuous and streamlined learning experience. Setting us apart in prioritising your continuous progress.

£62,500 incl VAT

Deposit Protection Scheme

FlyFair is dedicated to safeguarding your finances. We have implemented a Deposit Protection Scheme designed to ensure the security of your investment. Your deposits are held securely and will be released to the ATO’s upon competition of the associated training.

Monthly deposits of £5000 into your designated Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) account are required. Alternatively, you can opt for a pay-as-you-go system by depositing individual upfront course fees directly into your account. To enhance flexibility and secure your funds exclusively for training, you also have the option to deposit the full amount or overpay each month. This guarantees a secure and reserved financial foundation dedicated to your training endeavours.

Course Information

What IS Included for the £62,500 ?

  • PPL (Private Pilot’s Licence) 45 hours
  • CRD (Continuous Resilience Development)
  • Night Rating 5 hours
  • Hour building 114 hours
  • ATPL theory course 650 hours ground school
  • MEP (multi-engine piston rating) 6 hours
  • CPL (Commercial pilot’s licence) 25 hours
  • MEIR (multi-engine instrument rating) 15 hours in the aircraft and 30 hours in the simulator
  • AUPRT 3 hours
  • APSMCC included*

* APSMCC Incorporating the Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation (APSMCC) into our course price means a more continuous and streamlined learning experience for you. By seamlessly integrating this crucial component, we minimise downtime and eliminate the need for separate arrangements. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also underscores our commitment to providing a comprehensive and uninterrupted training journey. At FlyFair, we prioritise your continuous progress, ensuring that your focus remains on mastering the essential skills for a successful aviation career.

It’s important to note that the cost of APSMCC is not included in the fees of many other modular providers. Our all-inclusive approach sets us apart, providing you with both a competitive advantage and financial transparency throughout your training.

What is NOT included in the price

This is never mentioned by other providers!

  • Class 1 medical – £717 (a prerequisite to a flying career)
  • MEP Exam fees – £300
  • PPL Exam fees paid to the CAA – £300
  • MEIR Exam fees – £924
  • Licence fees paid to the CAA – £500
  • ATPL Exam fees – £1100
  • CPL Exam fees – £924
  • Aircraft hire for each test and landing fees throughout come to around – £3000

Total Approximately £7,900



Say goodbye to the dilemma of integrated or modular flight training. FlyFair proudly introduces ‘IntegraModular’, an Integrated-modular route and revolutionary choice.

Whether you’ve already begun your training journey, are at the beginning, or midway through, call or email us today to receive a bespoke quote. Explore the exceptional offerings we provide to enhance your training journey.