How Can Your Career Develop?

How Can Your Career Develop?

Aircraft maintenance engineering offers a very solid foundation to build a career on. This can allow you to go in many different directions. You can specialize in systems, aerodynamics, avionics, materials etc. These will allow you to become an aerodynamic engineer, airworthiness engineer, composite engineer, and so on.

You could end up working for an aviation authority as an engineer looking at the airworthiness of new aircraft. The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) also recruits engineers to help find out the cause of many air accidents.

Another route would be to become a lecturer in aircraft maintenance engineering, which offers a different environment to work, and once you have gained experience, you would be able to pass your knowledge and advice onto the future generation of engineers. This career can also have more of a regular working week with more holiday time.

Engineers with degrees do tend to earn more, especially those who go and learn specialist skills with specialist qualifications. Keeping up to date with new and emerging systems will be incredibly helpful for your career progression.