First Steps

Welcome to your new-found hobby or business venture – Drones!

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a drone or already have one these following pages, study guides and courses will help you get the absolute best out of your latest hobby. Drones have made it possible to take photos and video footage that could have only previously been taken by helicopter or plane. This new method is cheaper, quicker and easier, yet produces simply stunning footage. Before you decide to take the plunge into the intriguing world of drones and the business opportunities ascribed with them youll need to get signed up for a Flyer ID.

First Steps



Whilst not only being fun – operating drones can be an excellent side business or full-time business too. In our Commercial Section, you can learn more about businesses with drones and the extra qualifications and competencies you may need to start up.



First of all, we need to decide on what drone would be best for what we want to be able to accomplish. Our Types of Drone guide will walk you through the different kind of drones available and their pro’s/con’s and specific roles they can accomplish. After that, we will look at how to register our new drone and apply for either a Flyer ID, Organisation ID or both combined depending on your circumstance.



Then we would recommend getting some practical experience flying drones, with air excises and a training course with our Affiliated Drone Training Team (ADTT). Flying drones has become ever easier with technology and this can lead to your skill level plateauing early on – or even worse – damaging your new drone or crashing it.



Spending a half-day or full-day with one of our Drone Professionals helps get the best out of your latest equipment, whilst developing your own skills and potentially saving you costly mistakes early on.



Depending on what type of flying you want to do and where may lead you down the path to taking the CAA A2 Drone Test or the CAA GVC Theory and Practical tests. With help from Aviation Insider and our ADTT partner, we can help you sail through these tests – with the majority of the content web-based for distance eLearning (except the GVC Practical Exam).

Our study guides and question banks will help you to pass the theory tests and learn vital parts of The Drone Code laws and regulations that allow us to operate drones safely in UK airspace.

Starting a Drone Business

To further pursue commercial operations check out our ‘Starting a Drone Business’ Page which will give you handy tips on starting out in this industry.

For individuals/organisations that have already started a business but require help submitting for CAA Special Authorisation please see our ‘Registering for Operational Authorisation’ page


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