Training Providers

Training Providers

Below is a list of a few courses which offer maintenance engineering. Generally, these courses require A-levels at grades between A – C (including Maths and Physics). However, check with each college/university to see individual requirements as these may vary (it is also recommended to visit each institution on an open day if possible).

Universities and Colleges:

  • Cardiff and Vale College
  • City of Bristol College
  • Cornwall College
  • Glyndwr University
  • Harlow College
  • Kingston University
  • Newcastle College University Centre
  • Solihull College and University Centre
  • University of South Wales

Specialist Training Providers:

  • Aircraft Engineering Consultancy and Training (AeCAT)
  • Aircraft Engineering Training Solutions
  • Air Service Training
  • Civil Aviations Technical Training Solutions
  • Glenn Air Training Centre
  • Global Air Training