We can revalidate or renew your Airbus A320 / A330 / A340 / A350*, Boeing 737* and ATR-72* type rating. Our examiners are experienced in handling all EASA licenses and we provide a comprehensive, all-inclusive experience, tailord to your specific needs. *Revalidation only

Our Licence Proficiency Check includes a comprehensive briefing package to fully prepare yourself for the LPC. On the day, our examiner will handle all the required documentation for the authority, freeing you from this complicated task. We also provide a comprehensive flight planning package for you on the day, thus boosting your situational awareness during the check. It is also possible to unfreeze an ATPL during the LPC, by notifying your authority in advance. We are able to conduct ATPL Skill Tests for all EASA licensing authorities.

If a type rating has expired we will evaluate the required refresher training necessary, as regulated by EASA FCL AMC1 740(b)(1) to reach the level of proficiency necessary to safely operate the aircraft. This evaluation includes consideration for factors such as:

  • Total flying experience
  • Experience on type to be renewed
  • Experience on other aircraft type(s)
  • Date of last flight on type
  • Date of last flight on another aircraft
  • Differences between types

Should refresher training be required, a personalized program will be designed to provide the best training value while minimizing cost. It will contain one or several of the following:

  • 2-8 hours refresher training in FFS
  • Technical & SOP theory review
  • Aircraft systems CBT
  • The refresher training is concluded by a proficiency check (2h FFS) in accordance with Part-FCL Appendix 9.

Renewing or revalidating a license isn’t just about the proficiency check. National licensing authorities all have specific requirements which must be complied with before and during the proficiency check, and also when submitting license paperwork. We research applicable national differences to EASA regulations and apply them to the proficiency check or training package.

Once the proficiency check is complete we will send the required paperwork to the authority. As some EASA countries have slightly different procedures for processing and acknowledging LPCs, we follow every Proficiency Check all the way until the paperwork and license is concluded.


Training centres across Europe & Asia are selected for the quality of their facilities and ease of access:

  • Billund (BLL) Language Proficiency
  • Copenhagen (CPH) Airbus A320 / A330
  • Frankfurt (FRA) Airbus A320 / A330 / A340
  • Munich (MUC) Airbus A320 / A330
  • Paris (CDG) Airbus A320 / A330 / A340 / A350 Boeing 737-800 / ATR 72
  • Singapore (SIN) Airbus A320

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