For you or your clients by following our step-by-step guide: Learn through this E-Learning course, how to professionally conduct safe drone flight operations and how to capture stunning footage with your drone.

We’ll teach you:

  • professional aerial cinematography shots
  • the movements used by film crews throughout the film and television industry
  • how to capture the most cinematic and stunning aerial shots
  • how to set up your drone safely and correctly
  • make sure that you understand the camera settings that will enable you to shoot better video footage with your done

You’ll have a much better understanding of the theory behind shooting film as we take you through:

  • shutter speed
  • aperture
  • iso
  • white balance
  • colour profiles


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people who have little to no experience flying a drone. It’s designed for people who want to take their skills to the next level and start to produce video content with their drone that looks like it was shot professionally. It’s about getting out of automatic and shooting as professionals do, manually controlling all settings to get the look you want, not what the camera thinks you want.

How long is the course?

There is over 2 hours of video content as well as quizzes and reading material, and we’ll be adding extra as time goes on.

Why have we chosen UAVHUB?
UAVHUB (a registered trademark and trading name of Aerial Motion Pictures Ltd) is an NQE and the world’s first Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE); authorised by the CAA to provide professional drone training. They have trained over 3000 Remote Pilots since 2015 and have an outstanding reputation, supported by the fact that they are the UK’s Highest Rated Drone course on Trustpilot with over 1000 5***** star reviews. Their Instructors are either ex. RAF Helicopter Instructors or are professionals in the professional Drone Space, with years of experience – with Aviation Insider and UAVHUB, you’re in safe hands!

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