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In Partnership with The Crew Collective

The role of a Cabin Crew member is wonderfully unique but it comes with its challenges. We can all relate to feeling stressed, lonely and isolated at times.
The Crew Collective is a global lifestyle and wellbeing platform dedicated to supporting Flight Attendants and Cabin Crewworldwide. A virtual home for connecting thousands of like-minded aviation professionals and providing a sense of unity and support within the industry.

Wellbeing is right at the heart of The Crew Collective.

They champion self-care and focus on the lifestyle of corporate and commercial crew both on and off the aircraft by showcasing and sharing information, experiences and providing easily accessible resources to promote good mental and physical health.

Becoming a member of The Crew Collective unlocks a whole new world of additional tailor-made resources dedicated to improving your wellbeing. From easy to access information directories to inspirational educational workshops and tutorials…and even discounts on carefully selected products, they’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure that they have included something for everyone, no matter what stage of your aviation career.

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Meet the founders

With flying careers spanning 16 years and counting we certainly know the in’s and out’s of aviation. But more than that we recognise the uniqueness of the role of a Flight Attendant.

Realising a mutual longing for a sense of community and support within our roles, we set about creating a platform to bring together a disconnected industry of professionals.

And so, The Crew Collective was born.

We champion self-care and focus on the lifestyle of both corporate and commercial flight attendants, on and off the aircraft. Our intention is to inspire genuine change within our society by creating a platform to showcase and share information and experiences, and to provide support amongst a community of individuals who otherwise have very little in the way of easily accessible resources.

But this isn’t about us. The Crew Collective is about you; our colleagues, our community, our members.

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