ATPL Theory Question Banks

For students studying for their ATPL theory examinations, the content can seem vast and overwhelming, however, with the help of the question banks listed under this section you can prepare yourself for what to expect in your exams. ATPL question bank databases are updated on a regular basis and contain real exam questions based on student feedback so you can receive the most up-to-date, accurate information to help with your studies.

ATPL Theory Revision Content

Aviation Insider are dedicated to helping our customers to achieve the best possible results, and with the assistance of our quick facts package (developed by ex-students and current airline pilots) you can feel confident that you will be well prepared for your upcoming examinations. Our quick facts package includes key facts compiled for each ATPL subject and the ATPL subject formula ebooks created by our partner iCadet provide students with a comprehensive “cheat sheet” with all the formulas required to solve those tricky questions!

ATPL Theory CAP Manual Quicklinks

Some of the ATPL theory examinations will require you to refer to an appendix containing various different graphs/tables to assist you in answering questions. Below you can find quick links to these manuals containing the items you will be required to familiarise yourself with prior to your exams.