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ATPL Groundschool Refresher Course


Book an ATPL or PPL Groundschool refresher course and you will receive access to all online presentation material for you to go over and study before attending the course. All material will be available through our app to access on the go.

Classroom sessions are held all week as all of our instructors are current airline pilots. Make sure you check our booking form below for the next available dates. You can also book one to one sessions if the dates are not available. For more information please contact us.

The purpose of this intensive revision course is to consolidate your learning, correct any misunderstandings and prepare you for the exams. You will get access to practice papers online before arriving which you will need to complete. Our instructors will look at the areas that need improvement and will debrief your results.

To get the best out of this revision course, you must have completed and thoroughly revised your self-study material. The refresher days provide face to face instruction, concentrating on the more difficult subject areas or any areas where you would like to focus on. It is not a course designed to teach you the whole syllabus.

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