Aviation job website, Aviation Job Search , has released its Year in Review for 2020,

producing findings around the impact of Covid-19 on the industry. The report specifically

details how the global pandemic has affected employment within the sector.

From an anonymous interview with 384 aviation professionals in October 2020, a staggering

48% were unemployed and a further 11% were furloughed or part furloughed. Only 32%

were in current employment.

One jobseeker said, “I feel let down by my trade union, and by the company I worked for.

They didn’t explore all options before making hundreds of us redundant.”

Key findings also revealed how 89% of professionals were worried about their future in


The review also looked into the challenges of searching for a job during a global pandemic

and how priorities had changed as a result of the events in 2020.

The monthly average number of jobs posted to Aviation Job Search in 2020 was 1,051, a

53% decrease from 2019. With less jobs available, jobseekers don’t have the luxury to be

picky when applying for jobs.

From a different interview of 2,489 aviation professionals in December 2020, 56% claimed

their priorities had changed. The top three reasons as to why include the instability of

contract work, the lowering of salary expectations and the consideration to taking work

outside of the aviation industry.

If you would like to read the full Year in Review, you can download it here.